Elizabeth McCrindle

From an early age I could always be found with a pencil and piece of scrap paper in hand. In those early days the subject matter would almost certainly be horses or ponies, for they were and still are an inspiration to me. As I got older the combination of horses and art morphed into one, now I could never visualise a day passing that either one or both features in it. Over the years I’ve added to my subject matter, dogs, landscapes and even the odd portrait have entered my portfolio. Self taught my craft has developed through trial and error and a decent handful of plain good luck. Some of that luck was working for twenty something years in the Design Studio of BMK an International Carpet Manufacturer. I can honestly say some of the best days of my life were spent there and I was lucky to move amongst a slightly mad but talented bunch of people. One of the head designers and well known Scottish artist Helen Turner encouraged me to take my art more seriously and I started working in the evenings and weekends completing commissions of horses and dogs.
In 1996 I left BMK to take up painting full time and began exhibiting my work in galleries throughout the UK with some success. I love painting the surrounding landscape trying to capture the ever changing Ayrshire scenery blessed with richfarmlands and huge cloud filled skies. Picking out little corners where the sun has caught an old broken gate or has lit up a patch of summer flowers. Something about what I paint has too have touched my heart, which is why horses will always remain my favourite subject. Whether it be a cheeky little foal dancing in Spring pastures, all long legs and bright shiny eyes or large hairy Clydesdales dressed for the local shows. I think though that thoroughbreds are my favourites, the confined power graced in a body and skin that could only have been captured by an artist. Add to that surroundings of colourful silks and equally colourful characters and the scene is set.
As an artist I forever try to capture that which has appealed to my eye with the hope that someone will look at my work and see what I saw or at the very least see in the painting something that captures their heart or imagination. My work can be found in private collections throughout the UK and in Northern Ireland, USA, Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and in Europe. I have exhibited in many one man and group exhibitions including :_ The Dick Institute, The Glasgow Vennel, Maclaurin Galleries, Rozelle House, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, The Atholl Gallery, Equus Gallery, Alistair Anderson Gallery, Fraoch Fine Arts, Framework Gallery, Scotlandart.com, The One Off Gallery, The Annan Gallery, The Aberfeldy Gallery, The Red Rag Gallery, The Waverly Gallery, The Jerdan Gallery, Southside Art and The Gatehouse Gallery. I work mainly in Acrylic, Oils and Mixed Media.

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